Ultimate Duo – Morpheus8 & Coolpeel

Morpheus8 & Coolpeel: Why this combination treatment is so effective

While modern microneedling and skin resurfacing treatments boast impressive results, they’re often accompanied by undesirable side effects—from recovery downtime and pain to redness and even scarring.

Fortunately, a new combination maximizes results while minimizing such byproducts and discomfort: Morpheus8 and CoolPeel—or, as loyalists call it, “The Ultimate Duo.”

While Morpheus8 stimulates neocollagenesis and elastin production via RF microneedling, the add-on complementary laser skin resurfacing CoolPeel treatment delivers a full superficial ablation, without damaging surrounding tissue.

Morpheus8 & Coolpeel: Advantages of the Ultimate Duo

While Morpheus8 and CoolPeel continue to revolutionize the aesthetics industry with their stunning, safe results, the outcomes are even better when combined.

Leveraging this power couple offers numerous advantages for providers and patients:

Tailored Treatment Options: Morpheus8’s three unique handpieces and CoolPeel’s Pulse Shape Design (PSD) accommodate a wide range of skin types, tones, conditions, and areas.

Patient Comfort: The pairing maximizes patient comfort with little to no downtime, combining CoolPeel’s minimal thermal damage with Morpheus8’s Robotic Precision Delivery and Sub-Pulse Technology.

No Recovery Downtime: Sessions take 25 to 40 minutes total, and with minimal side effects and zero downtime, patients can return to their regular routines that same day.

Skinclusive: The Ultimate Duo accommodates the full spectrum of skin tones, types, and pigments—a marked improvement from previous resurfacing procedures, which were only effective for lighter skin tones.