Life Changing Therapies

Empower RF is a set of non-surgical devices that use different technologies to deliver life-changing results to a woman’s happiness and overall wellness. By harnessing the safe, effective power of radio-frequency waves, the EmpowerRF technologies gently targets sensitive tissue with waves of restorative thermal energy.


EmpowerRF is a new safe and effective solution delivering life-changing technologies for women’s wellness.
This innovative device is designed specifically to treat a broad range of conditions such as stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence, weak pelvic floor muscles, blood circulation, and pain relief.

Help for Vaginal Laxity

Vaginal laxity is a self-reported medical condition that can affect some women’s sexual enjoyment and satisfaction more than others. There are two main causes for vaginal laxity: vaginal childbirth and intrinsic aging. Both of these factors often result in weak pelvic floor muscles and an uneven distribution of hormones. Because the pelvic floor is weak, the vaginal muscles subsequently weaken as well, causing a decrease in vaginal muscle tone, difficulty achieving orgasm, changes in sexual sensation, and often urinary incontinence.

Help for wrinkles, fine lines and loose skin through boosting collagen

With Morpheus 8, a device incorporated in Empower RF, we can use radio-frequency charged microneedles to target deep dermal layers of the skin. The thermal energy from the microneedles triggers fibroblast cells to increase collagen production. With renewed collagen and elastin fibers, your skin’s inner structure will tighten, which will smooth out any overlying wrinkles. Because the Empower RF comes with the Morpheus 8V, the Morpheus 8, and the Morpheus 8body, we can target wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin on just about any part of your body!

Help with abdomen and buttock muscle tone and fat burning

Although proper diet and a healthy lifestyle is the well-known recipe for strengthening your muscles and achieving your desired physique, our clients report many areas around the body seem unresponsive to this dynamic duo. Most notably, two popular areas are the abdomen and the buttocks. Especially after childbirth, the muscles around the abdomen may be too weak to exercise. To remedy this, Empower RF has a device called Tone. Tone is a hands-free muscle toning treatment that uses electrical current to cause target muscles to contract. Muscles contract every time they move or flex, causing them to grow stronger and lose fat in the surrounding areas. With Tone, patients can lie down and let the electrical pulses stimulate contractions to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously!

Help with incontinence and vaginal atrophy

One of the most common complaints for women who experience vaginal atrophy is incontinence.  To combat this, Empower RF uses radio-frequency waves to stimulate tissue regrowth and muscular stimulation to strengthen your pelvic floor. With Empower RF, we can restore the muscles’ strength allowing you to regain control of your pelvic floor muscles, and free your worry of any future incontinence.e.

Benefits of Empower RF
  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles
  • Tighten vaginal muscles and skin
  • Increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction
  • Quick procedure with no downtime
  • Build muscle and lose fat simultaneously
  • Diminish wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin

If you would like to see how Empower RF can strengthen and heal your body, please schedule a personal consultation. Our team will answer any questions you may have and work with you to implement a personalized treatment plan to revitalize any areas of concern in your appearance and intimate functions.

  • Loose vaginal walls
  • Loss of sensation during intimacy
  • Difficulty controlling bladder
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Excess labial skin
  • Wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin
Empower RF Devices

VTone: uses electrical muscle stimulation and neuromuscular re-education to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Morpheus8V: a minimally invasive technology that uses radio-frequency waves to trigger the collagen production and restore a youthful appearance to many different areas of the body.

FormaVuses thermal energy to treat weak pelvic floor muscles, vaginal laxity, and urinary incontinence.

Morpheus8: a minimally invasive technology that uses radio-frequency charged microneedles to penetrate sub-dermal cells to incite cell proliferation and neocolla genesis, which washes away many different signs of aging.

Morpheus8 Body: safe on all skin types, this minimally invasive device is safe to use on wrinkles and loose skin around the body. Harnessing the regenerative properties of radio-frequency waves, this device stimulates collagen and washes away many different signs of aging.

Tone: using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), Tone helps strengthen weak abdominal walls as well as defines and strengthen muscles, while burning hard-to-lose fat cells.

Aviva: this minimally invasive procedure uses radio-frequency to restore the appearance of the vulva.

EmpowerRF FAQ’s



EmpowerRF is designed to safely and effectively treat delicate areas and improve functional health. Most clients find the treatments very comfortable and painless. Your physician will discuss in detail with you the specifics of your customized plan and how it will meet your individual needs.


Your physician will recommend the ideal combination of sessions to be performed based on your personal condition. Treatment times and frequency will be specifically tailored to obtain the optimal results.